Will your version of  Microsoft Outlook work with Classify?

The original retail releases of Outlook 97 and Outlook 98 do not interoperate with Classify for Outlook. Mark Wilson Software Ltd. worked with Microsoft Corporation to add enhancements to Outlook that allow Classify for Outlook to access the body of the e-mail message. These enhancements were added to Outlook 97 (version 8.04.5619) and Outlook 98 (version 8.5.5603.0). You can determine which version of Outlook you have by selecting About Microsoft Outlook on the Outlook Help menu. If your version of Outlook is older than one of these, you'll need a to get an update from Microsoft to use Classify for Outlook.

Outlook 97
The latest release of Outlook 97  is in Outlook 97 Email Attachment Security Update  located on the Microsoft web site.

Outlook 98
The latest release of Outlook 98 is contained in the Outlook 98 Email Attachment Security Update. This patch can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.

Outlook 2000
All versions of Outlook 2000 work with Classify for Outlook.

Outlook 2002
All versions of Outlook 2002 work with Classify for Outlook. Service Pack 3 requires Classify version 8.8.19 or later and a post SP3 hot fix from Microsoft. Contact Microsoft Product Support to obtain and install hot fix KB-883924.

Outlook 2003
All versions of Outlook 2003 work with Classify for Outlook. For full functionality use Classify for Outlook version 8.8.19 or later.

Outlook Updates
For more information on updates to Microsoft Outlook please visit the Office Update web site.